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SEC ‘Ostrov’s’ second phase is being prepared for opening. Tenants have started repair works

The second phase of SEC ‘Ostrov’ in Odessa, which GLA will be 16,043 sq m, and the total leasable area – 30,700 sq m, is preparing to open at the end of this year.

Cushman & Wakefield, an international consulting company acting as the exclusive leasing agent of the property, informed that recently there have been signed the preliminary lease agreements with a chain of sportswear chain ‘SPORTCITY’ (672 sq m), Turkish retailer ‘Colin's’ (292 sq m), ‘Rozetka’ store (203 sq m), accessories store for parties and hobbies ‘OffTop’ (135 sq. M.), lingerie brand ‘JASMINE’ (132 sq m), the city cafe ‘Sunday's Coffee’ (79,9 sq m), as well as the optics chain ‘Luxoptika’ (54 sq m).

Considering the proximity of the Project opening date, the following tenants started the repair works: ‘Silpo’ (2,463 sq m), ‘LC Waikiki’ (1,611 sq m), children's entertainment centre ‘FLY KIDS’ (4,072 sq m), ‘Sportmaster’ (1 489 sq m), ‘Сolin's’ (292 sq m), ‘Intimissimi’ and ‘Calzedonia’ (68 sq m and 64 sq m, respectively), ‘Zolotyi Vik’ (87 sq m), ‘Rozetka’ (203 sq m), ‘OffTop’ (135 sq m), ‘JASMINE’ (132 sq m), ‘Luxoptica’ (54 sq m).

Oksana Krashunska, director of SEC ‘Ostrov’: “Very soon our guests will be able to appreciate the convenience and efficiency of Ostrov’s second phase. We will open our doors to the first visitors at the end of the year. Now we are coordinating the tenants’ repairing works, transferring the units to those who have not yet had time to finish their works, completing the common areas of the shopping mall, upgrading the adjacent area, and also preparing a program for opening the shopping centre."

The Project is located in the very heart of Odesa on 2 Novoshchipnyii Ryad, in close proximity to the Railway station, Bus station, ‘Privoz’ market, Starosinna square and the Zoo.

Dmytro Dudar, senior agent of the retail agency and consultancy in Cushman & Wakefield Ukraine, emphasized that the location in the very heart of Odesa is a unique opportunity for development, which was appreciated by both national and international retail chains. Today, the Project occupancy rate is over 80%. It is significant that several companies have chosen SEC ‘Ostrov’ as a launching pad for development in the city. Thus, sportswear chain ‘SPORTCITY’, accessories store for parties and hobbies ‘OffTop’, and the children's entertainment centre ‘FLY KIDS’ will open their first stores in Odesa.



About the SEC ‘Ostrov’

SEC "Ostrov" is located in Odessa at 2 Novoshchipnyii Ryad. The total area of the project will be 70,100 sq. m GBA, and 37,800 sq. m GLA. The second phase GBA will be 30,700 sq m, and GLA - 16,043 sq m. The opening date of the second phase is scheduled for the end of 2021.

The shopping center concept provides clear segmentation. This refers to the placement of a certain group of goods on each floor. Compactness, modern architectural and design solutions, as well as the concentration of recognizable brands will make the object a place of attraction not only for residents of the city, and nearby office workers, but also for guests of Odessa who want to make a purchase in a pleasant atmosphere in a short time.

SEC Ostrov SEC Ostrov SEC Ostrov

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