Project: Highest and best use analysis of five land plots in Kyiv with a detailed commercial concept development of the International Business District "Kyiv-City"

Client: Kyivsystemomanagement / Kyiv City State Administration

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Date: 2012


Services provided by Cushman & Wakefield (formerly operating as DTZ in Ukraine):

DTZ undertook the highest and best use analysis of the five land plots in Kyiv of cumulative area around 800 ha.

DTZ has also formulated a detailed commercial concept of the international business district ‘Kyiv-City’ with recommendations regarding the optimal location, future project implementation strategy, as well as financial analysis of the project.

For the purposes of development of the optimal and most realistic concept of the project ‘Kyiv-City’, DTZ interviewed top managers of 75 corporate office occupiers, which at the date of the analysis occupied approximately 16% of the total existing stock of the quality office space in Kyiv. DTZ also undertook analysis of the comparable successful large-scale projects in Western Europe.