Lease and sale of new industrial premises in the logistics park ‘GALILEO LOGISTIC PARK LVIV’


A modern Class A logistics complex, GALILEO LOGISTIC PARK, is located in the Western part of Lviv within the city limits and will effectively work in the supply chain, and help promptly deliver goods to customers in the last-mile format, which significantly speeds up delivery. The universal areas of the complex can also be effectively used for the production of various types of goods.


About the project:

The complex will consist of 3 independent units:

  • Building A with a total area of ​​12,673 sq m, of which 11,626.10 sq m of storage space and 1,411.30 sq m of office and utility space
  • Building B with a total area of ​​18,053.20 sq m, of which 16,022.30 sq m of storage space and 2,030.90 sq m of office and utility premises
  • Building C with a total area of 12,814.50 sq m, of which 11,261.70 sq m are warehouses and 1,552.80 sq m, are office and utility rooms.


All three buildings will allow you to receive cars of different carrying capacity, length, body height that will meet any requirement of your business.

Total warehouse area – 43,541 sq m.

The total area of ​​administrative premises – 4,965 sq m.



  • Central water supply and sewerage
  • Electricity: 1.1mW
  • Medium pressure natural gas
  • Convenient transport infrastructure
  • Own boiler room


The first unit with an area of ​​12,690 sq m is planned for commissioning in Q3-4 2022.



  • Within the city of Lviv
  • 25 km to the customs border of Gorodok
  • 11 km to the customs border of Malekhiv
  • 64 km to the border with Poland



  • Class A buildings
  • Docks with dock levelers 1 dock per 800 sq m
  • Ramp – the ability to drive into the warehouse from zero level
  • Sprinkler fire extinguishing system
  • Possible cross-dock loading and unloading scheme
  • Anti-dust floor with a load of 5 tons / sq.m in warehouses
  • Net height in stock 12 m
  • Column pitch 24x12 m
  • The possibility of dividing buildings into two independent zones (for example, dividing into 2 tenants)
  • Possibility of easy adaptation for freezer built-in units with separate docks and loading and unloading through a temperature ramp
  • Option BTS construction as well as adaptation of premises according to customer requirements



Cushman & Wakefield is the official partner for the lease and sale of premises in the industrial complex ‘GALILEO LOGISTIC PARK LVIV’

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