E40 Industrial Park

‘E40 Industrial Park’ is conveniently located on the facade of E40/M06 Kyiv – Zhytomyr highway. This highway is an internationally important road of Ukraine, Kyiv - Chop, (state border with Hungary), and close proximity to Kyiv.

The industrial park will consist of 9 buildings of various formats.

Units A1, A2 and A3 will be modern Class A warehouse buildings with cross-docking terminals. The rest of the units can be adapted to the requirements of the tenant according to the BTS format (build to suit).

In addition, a supermarket, restaurant, service station for trucks, and a hotel are planned to be located on the 200,000 sq m site. This infrastructure will ensure the efficient continuous operation of the complex, which in general will have a positive impact on the speed and quality of delivery or manufacture of products for your business.


The first phase of the project began in 2021 with unit A1 – 20,700 sq m.


In the near future, the following units are planned for the development:

  • A2 – 26,200 sq m
  • A3 – 19,800 sq m
  • A4 – 7,200 sq m
  • A5 – 11,500 sq m
  • A6 – 28,200 sq m
  • B1 – 39,100 sq m
  • B2 – 29,300 sq m
  • B3 – 17,200 sq m



  • Fenced territory of the complex
  • Day-and-night security
  • Enough space for parking trucks and cars
  • Enough packing places for trucks outside the territory
  • The construction of a cafe and a hotel complex is being planned



  • The building meets the requirements for class A
  • Dustproof floors with a loading capacity of 5 t/sq m
  • Sprinkler fire extinguishing system
  • Column grid 12x24 m
  • Net height of the warehouse is 12 m
  • Scheme of cross-loading unloading
  • Rams at zero level
  • Docks with leveling platforms 1 per 1000 sq m
  • Gate with low threshold: not less than 1 per unit (4 x 4.5 m)
  • Refractory gate: 2 on the wall, WxH = 4x4.5 m
  • Heating system
  • Load on the 2nd floor 800 kg/sq m
  • Load on the 3rd floor 450 kg/sq m


Cushman & Wakefield is an official partner for renting and selling premises in the ‘E40 Industrial Park’


Contacts for complete information


+38 (050) 386 52 83

+38 (044) 299 30 00